The Bingo Evo and Bingo Evo Mini strollers, have got a fresh modern look!

Introducing three NEW upholstery colours!

Hoggi, manufacturer of the Bingo strollers, has introduced 3 new colours, and these will replace the current colour options we offer. Take a look… we think you’ll really like them!

Stylish and Modern

This smart new look stands out with its mottled texture, giving it a ‘softer’, less bold, and more stylish modern appearance.

Along with this aesthetic change, you will be pleased to hear that the new upholstery collection is made from 100% recycled resources.


Black Accessories

Along with the main upholstery change, all fabric accessories are also changing to black.

This includes accessories such as the sun hood, lateral supports, and grab rail.

Over the next few months, while stock lasts of grey-coloured accessories, you may receive a mixture of both; however, where possible we will endeavour to provide the same colour.

Spex Laterals

We’re excited to announce that 3 new Spex lateral support options will also be available, with versions for both the Bingo Evo Mini and Bingo Evo.

This includes:

  • Spex Narrow Straight Laterals
  • Spex Broad Laterals
  • Spex Tear Drop Laterals

Robbie’s Story

Meet Robbie! A special little boy with Angelman syndrome, who lives in Australia with his Mum, Dad and baby sister.

In this heart warming video, Robbie’s parents describe the journey that they have been on to get a diagnosis for their son and how they have learnt to navigate the unique challenges that have come with that. Robbie’s parents explain how specialised equipment is essential to help Robbie enjoy a fulfilled and FUN-filled life, where he is safely supported while doing all the things he loves. Isn’t his smile infectious as he whizzes along in his Bingo stroller while on a run with his Dad?!

Robbie’s story will resonate with many of our families. We are so pleased to be able to provide specialised equipment that allows children to share these all-important experiences with their families.

Visit to learn more about Angelman syndrome and donate to the worthy cause of finding a cure.

Read more about Robbie and how Medifab has support him and his family.


Tubie Fun

We’d love to use this opportunity to tell you about Tubie Fun, a small family business that offers custom removable covers for the Bingo Stroller.

Click here to learn more about Tubie Fun’s offering.