Meet Robbie, a fun and happy little boy who Medifab has been privileged to work with.

Robbie has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS) which poses many challenges and obstacles in his life, but despite this, Robbie and his family lead a fun and enjoyable life.

“He’s a lovely happy boy despite all the challenges that he faces”

Watch Robbie’s Story, a heart-warming and inspiring glimpse into the life of a lively personality living with AS…

Robbie’s parents, Lucas and Rachael, describe the journey that they have been on to get a diagnosis for their son and how they have learnt to navigate the unique challenges that have come with that. They explain how specialised equipment is essential to help Robbie enjoy a fulfilled and FUN-filled life, where he is safely supported while doing all the things he loves. Isn’t his smile infectious as he whizzes along in his BINGO stroller while on a run with his Dad?!

Robbie’s story will resonate with many of our families. We are so pleased to be able to provide specialised equipment that allows children to share these all-important experiences with their families.

Robbie's Bingo
Genie Bed
About Angelman

About Angelman Syndrome

Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects approximately 1 in 15,000 live births.

Symptoms include global developmental delay, impaired movement and balance, lack of speech, seizures, feeding, and sleep difficulties. Early diagnosis is critical; however, AS is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism.

People living with AS require life-long care and close medical supervision. Intensive educational and therapeutic programs significantly assist skill development and inclusion.

Despite the challenges, individuals with AS are renowned for their happy disposition and huge smiles. Their infectious laughter and emotions are expressed with every inch of their body, with hugs so sincere that they are rarely forgotten!


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The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia (or FAST Australia) is an organisation of families and professionals dedicated to assisting individuals living with Angelman syndrome to realise their full potential and quality of life through funding research, education, and advocacy. Their focus is on treatments that will improve the symptoms of Angelman syndrome and ultimately research that will provide a cure.
FAST is confident that their goals are now within reach and together, with your help, will change lives.