Plush Head Support

Curved, single pad wheelchair headrest for posterior head support

Plush Single Pad Head Support Systems provide posterior support with a high degree of comfort and safety. This basic wheelchair head support is ideal for tilt or recline, accepts additional lateral and anterior supports, and is easily adjustable to adapt with clients as their needs change.

Whitmyer PLUSH
Six Hardware Options
  • Axys – durable, compact, one-size option with basic anterior-posterior adjustability at an outstanding value.
  • Onyx – durable, compact option with basic adjustability and paediatric and adult sizes at an outstanding value.
  • Linx – sleek, curved design with moderate anterior-posterior adjustability and excellent durability.
  • Linx2 – highly durable design with three unique points of adjustment range for greater anterior/posterior movement.
  • Pro – extremely durable option with maximum anterior adjustability and paediatric and adult sizes.
  • Cobra Xtra Flip Back – sleek, curved, and modular design with superior positioning capabilities, sizes ranging from early intervention to adult, and flip back function.

Sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 14″, 19″
Mounting Systems Axys, Onyx, Linx, Pro, Cobra Xtra, Cobra Xtra Flip Back
Lateral Facial Supports Unilateral or Bilateral: Spot, Standard, Long, Oval, Large-C, Medium-C, Small-C, FS0-8
Anterior Support Options Dynamic Forehead Strap, Strap Cap, Static Forehead Strap
Outer Cover Lycra, Fleece, Dartex Reversed