Turning | Rolling | Positioning

Slides – Turns – Positions

Symmslyde is for those who need carer assistance to turn on their side at night. It provides a supported position in bed with a built-in slide sheet and turning-sling function so you don’t have to push or pull to get a sling or slide sheet underneath – it’s already there!

Use the slide-and-turn function to reposition, and then use Symmetrisleep support elements to maintain that position.

Unlike using pillows and rolled-up towels, everything stays in place so carers spend less time re-positioning.


  • Combines getting users comfortable – keeping them comfortable and relaxed.
  • Position in side-lying, supine, prone or sitting up.
  • Reduced need to reposition– even sitting up.
  • Slide-Turn-Position with 1 system.
  • Functional positioning– easier hygiene changes.
  • Slide sheets and Positioning systems should work together… but only Symmslyde does!
Code Dimensions
SYMMSLYDE KIT, Includes: 7010-9000-001
Airmantle 7014-9010-001 120 x 200 cm
Slyde Tube for attachment to Velcro Sheet 7010-9020-000
Coolover Top Sheet 7015-9060-CVR 120 x 200 cm
Storage Bag 7018-9080-000 120 x 50 x 12 cm

Dear Sir/Madam


In 2003 my son who is severely mentally and physically disabled and a chronic epileptic, took delivery of his first Symmetrikit sleep system. The system was a huge success and my son has had one on his bed for the last 12 years.

I did not think that you could improve on the old sleep system but last week we took delivery of the new Symmetrikit Symmslyde.

The integral slide sheet has reduced dramatically the number of transfers of position via an external glide sheet. Which is not only better for our backs but also for our son’s comfort.

My son gets very hot and sweaty with his epilepsy and I have to change his bed sheet, pillow case and night clothes at least twice overnight.  I was doubtful about the claims made with regard to the new CoolOver top sheet and pillow case but I am now only changing his bed every two days and that is only because I think I should.  Even his clothes are no longer damp!

Well done Symmetrikit.

Yours faithfully

Patricia Naguib