Symmetrisleep Velcro
Receptor Sheet

The base to all your Symmetrisleep set-up’s

  • Stretchy velcro-like fitted sheet made to suit common mattress sizes.
  • New design means the mattress does not need to be lifted to fit it.
  • Unique gridlines allow accurate positioning of supports and brackets
  • Receptor is ultra-stretchy so that it can even be used on alternating¬†pressure mattresses.

View the positioning bracket details here.

Code Width Length
Cot 7010-7000-C00 75 cm 100 cm
3/4 7010-8000-T00 80 cm 160 cm
Single 7010-8005-SN0 100 cm 190 cm
Single King 7010-8000-SK0 106 cm 205 cm
Double 7010-7000-D00