Spex Stylo 130
Head Support

The simplistic choice for basic head support needs

Stylo 130 is the most compact and simple option from the Stylo family, whilst still providing sufficient adjustment to meet basic head support requirements.

Simplicity and ease of adjustment are achieved with an easy setup design. The patent pending spherical hinge joints allow the head pad to be positioned forwards, backwards, rotated, and angled with only two bolts, providing the optimal support where it’s required.

Featuring the quick-release Stylo mount, the mechanism can be quickly removed or installed. The finished product… a simplistic yet effective design that allows a range of adjustment of the pad position, creating a solution that is lightweight and adaptable for the user.

The Stylo 130 Head Support is transport certified.

Stylo 130: A simplistic choice for basic head support needs

The Stylo 130 is the perfect solution for:

  • Users with mostly midline neck and head positioning
  • Some children
  • Those who only require head support for transportation
  • Clients who have basic sitting needs but require recline or tilt-in-space throughout the day and need a head support to facilitate this position
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