Q400 M

Mid-wheel powered wheelchair

The new QUICKIE Q400® M effortlessly balances great outdoor maneuverability with very good indoor performance. All of these combined with the benefits of the multi adjustable SEDEO® LITE seating and the most advanced controls, creates the perfect powered wheelchair for a safe driving experience.

Outstanding outdoor performance

Enjoy a smooth and stable ride, even over rough terrain, with QUICKIE’s patented all-wheel suspension – six independently suspended wheels absorb all those bumps.
QUICKIE’s anti-pitch technology eliminates pitching on slopes, and with all your weight located directly above the drive wheel to maximise traction you’ve never been in a safer driving position.

Width 610-620mm
Length Max. 1130mm
Seat Width 385-560mm
Seat Height 415-490mm
Seat Depth 410-560mm
Backrest Height 460-510mm
Back Recline 85° to 120°
Turning Radius 560-630mm
Max Reversing Width 1100mm
Speed 10 kph
Batteries 60 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope
Max Kerb Climb 50mm
Max range (ISO 7176-4) Max 40km
Drive Wheels 13″
Castor Wheel Options 7″
Electronics VR2
Min Weight 130kg
Maximum User Weight 136kg


Sedeo Seating

The Q400M as supplied by Medifab, includes the Sedeo Lite Seating System. This is a multi-adjustable seat frame with the option of either Spex seating, Jay seating, or a simple sling back upholstery. Sedeo Lite is designed for users with medium to low clinical needs that require an adjustable seating system, where the backrest, armrests and legrests are able to be adjusted to fit the user. The seat frame includes seat rails for additional mounting solutions.