Hip Belt

Providing the same great benefits of the classic Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt, this waterproof version features a closed-cell special material design that is impermeable and water-repellent! The pelvic pads are 3-dimensionally shaped for optimal fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the anterior superior spine. The fit of the belt is adjusted with easy-to-use stainless steel ratchet buckles. The perforated straps on the frame are adjustable up to 8 cm in length and allow it to be easily adapted to the situation. To secure the wheelchair user, the pelvic pads are connected in the middle with a toothed belt.

  • Positive toothed ratchet tension system
  • Use on any piece of equipment; Pelvi-Loc® can be installed on virtually any seating equipment, commode chairs, wheelchairs, indoor chairs, children’s strollers etc.
  • Comfortable pads; Safety with high comfort.
  • Easy buckles; Easy to use ratchet levers.
  • Easily adjustable; Easy to adjust incremental ratchet to maintain correct pelvic tension if the user wears a different thickness of clothing (when the weather changes!)
Pelvi-Loc Animation
Size For Seat Width Code
Extra Small 16cm-24cm 1430-6330-024
Extra Small (White) 16cm-24cm 1430-6340-024
Small 20cm-32cm 1430-6331-024
Small (White) 16cm-24cm 1430-6341-024
Medium 30cm-40cm 1430-6332-024
Large 36cm-46cm 1430-6333-024