Klaxon Klick

Powerful, versatile, light and full of energy!

Klick Power is the perfect solution for your urban mobility and is ideal for flat routes. Always ready to give you all its power when you need it most thanks to its 750W motor.

Klaxon KLICK devices are small, light, compact and suitable for travel and everyday use. The Innovative Linking System Klaxon® connects to any hand bike in the Klick range in seconds and the universal hub adapts to any fixed or folding wheelchair.

easy to handle,
ideal for flat routes

Material  Aluminium
Motor 48V x 750W brushless
Wheel 14″ smooth tyre tread
Display Colour LCD display with automatic night mode
Handlebar Aluminium – adjustable in height, depth and angle
Brake  Double brake system 160 mm with Electronic Brake System
Size W 50 cm x H 90 cm x D 40 cm
Weight 8.5 kg (battery excluded)
Standard Handlebar:

The Standard Handlebar is equipped with a parking brake system that keeps the Klick braked when not in motion.

Aluminium, adjustable in height, depth and angle.

Size with Standard Handlebar: W 50 cm x H 90 cm x D 40 cm

Weight with Standard Handlebar: 8.5 kg (battery excluded)


Tetra Handlebar:

The Tetra Handlebar makes your rides comfortable and easy thanks to the Comfort Drive System. Just pull the handlebars towards you to accelerate and push it forward to brake.

Aluminium, adjustable in height, depth and angle, Comfort Drive System (accelerator and brake activated through push and pull movement)

Size with Tetra Handlebar: W 50 cm x H 95 cm x D 40 cm

Weight with With Tetra Handlebar: 9.1 kg (battery excluded)