Quickie Xtender
Power-Assist Wheels

Go the distance!

Have the energy to go where you want to go! The Quickie Xtender expands the range of mobility for manual wheelchair users by adding power assisted wheels to a manual frame. The Xtender increases your travel distance and propulsion efficiency and reduces overall fatigue while allowing you to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair.

Side slope assist
Coasting distance
Downhill speed control
"One-hand, one-leg control"
Specifications Single Mode Bi Mode Sport
Available on Quickie 2 Series, GP Series, Zippie X’Cape, Breezy BasiX Quickie 2 Series, GP Series 5R, 7R, Xenon2
Weight 17 kg off chair
Hub Design Xtender Locking Pin Hub Auto Engage Hub
Battery Capacity NiMH = 7 hours
Li Ion = 9 hours
Time to Fully Charge NiMH = 2.5 – 3 hours
Li Ion = 3 – 4.5 hours
Max. Range NiMH = 15 km
Li Ion = 27 km
Manual Wheels Included Yes Yes – Schwalbe Yes
Available Tyre Type Pneumatic Marathon Plus
Max. User Weight 120 kg