Klaxon Klick
Hybrid Standard

Movement and freedom with minimum effort

Klick Hybrid is an innovative hybrid hand bike for wheelchairs, with smart technology. It combines all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion, so you get the benefits of physical activity with a motor that provides power to assist you in pedaling. It’s a perfect blend of technology and elegance.

Klaxon KLICK devices are small, light, compact and suitable for travel and everyday use. The Innovative Linking System Klaxon® connects to any hand bike in the Klick range in seconds and the universal hub adapts to any fixed or folding wheelchair.

Experience a new level of freedom

Material Aluminium
Motor 48V x 500W brushless
Wheel 20″ smooth tyre tread
Display Multifunction LCD, 5 push-assistance selection
Battery Lithium 48 x 11 Ah (weight 3.0kg)
Handlebar  Aluminium adjustable in height
Brake  Double Brake System 160 mm
Size W 60 cm x H 125 cm x D 50 cm
Weight 18.0kg (battery excluded)
Range 50 km (in electric mode, speed setting 1, level ground)
Included Accessories Battery 11 Ah with battery charger, LCD display, USB-port phone charger, foldable kick stand, splashguard