JAY J3 Carbon
Back Support

The support you need to be active

The Jay J3 Carbon back provides great flexibility and comfort. This enhances the stability you need for a very active life, reduces back pain and provides great comfort. This stability means you’re generating greater movement of your wheelchair with less effort, all in 690 grams!

Standard J3 Back Support available


The JAY J3 wheelchair back range offers a multitude of different widths, heights, and contoured depth back shells to suit the clients individual positional needs. Each back support is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation.

J3 Back Hardware Enhancements
JAY CradleU Support System
Depth 5 cm
Width 32 cm, 36 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm
Height 17 cm, 24 cm, 30 cm, 38 cm
Contour Shallow
Support Level Lower Thoracic, Mid Thoracic
Cover Type Air Exchange
Max. User Weight 125 kg