Grillo Gait Trainer

Designed for the independence of children and adults

Grillo by Ormesa is a support walker for adults and children designed to facilitate movement of those with reduced mobility and to promote as much independence as possible.

Available in both anterior and posterior versions, it sets extremely high standards with regards to customisation, ease of use and versatility, due to a wide range of adjustments and available supports.

Equipped with ergonomic and independent pelvic and thoracic support, during each and every step, Grillo guarantees:

  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Restraint and support

One single Gait Trainer, endless opportunities!

Being able to move independently in your own environment is of fundamental importance for the development of social and interpersonal skills; in fact, active participation in the community represents a substantial incentive so as not to consider limitations as insurmountable obstacles.

Available in four sizes, Grillo allows adults and children to live independently, contributing to the development and strengthening of self and body consciousness.

Grillo Gait Trainer is designed to generate and help the step pattern, to train the pelvis and trunk to keep their balance, to organize a wider structured vision of space of distance and of the user’s surroundings in the upright position, to develop physical self-sufficiency and psychological independence by exercising the possibility of acting alone without the help of other people.

An open-back design accommodates easy ‘getting-in’ and ‘getting-out’ and can be a forward or rear facing gait trainer. Its wide range of adjustments and supports make it easy-fitting to the different needs and features of the User.

Stability and Comfort within everyone’s reach

The Grillo gait trainer is easily adaptable to all sizes and levels of trunk control. Thanks to a practical system of handles and levers, basic and additional anatomical supports can be adjusted, installed and removed simply and quickly, without requiring tools.

Grillo is a patented product.


Grillo Grows With You

Thanks to a very light aluminium frame, Grillo by Ormesa is perfect to be pushed and manoeuvred, even for those who are significantly compromised in voluntary motor skills, as well as balance; furthermore, since it is foldable, it is the ideal solution for those who have little space at home or need to travel.

The frame can be adapted, both in static and dynamic phases, with the user in situ: the system of height adjustment with constant centre of gravity means that Grillo can accompany the growth of the child for a long time.

Size Mini (0) Size Small (1-2) Size Medium (3-4) Size Large (5)
Pelvic support height 42 – 61 cm 49 – 84 cm 54 – 100 cm 63 – 117 cm
Trunk support height 51 – 75 cm 69 – 100 cm 76 – 125 cm 81 – 143 cm
Support circumference 53 – 79 cm 60 – 86 cm 74 – 120 cm 84 – 140 cm
Frame width 57 cm 65 cm 76 cm 80 cm
Frame length 73 cm 75 cm 91 cm 111 cm
User height range 75 – 100 cm 90 – 135 cm 110 – 165 cm 150 – 190 cm
Max Load 35 kg 45 kg 90 kg 110 kg
Total weight of Anterior configuration 13.5 kg 16.2 kg 19.5 kg 23 kg
Total weight of Posterior configuration 13.5 kg 15.7 kg 17.7 kg 22 kg
Wheel Dimensions 15 cm front
20 cm rear
15 cm front
20 cm rear
17.5 cm front
25 cm rear
17.5 cm front
25 cm rear
Code for Anterior Walker 5750-0011-000 5750-0051-12B 5750-0053-34B 5750-0055-05B
Code for Posterior Walker 5750-0140-000 5750-0051-12B +
5750-0053-34B +
5750-0055-05B +

The freedom of being limitless: the Story of Raoul

Raoul’s parents live in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. They shared this contribution:

Our son Raoul is a 9 years old happy and curious boy; he was born with diplegic cerebral palsy, a GMFCS level III handicap. After having hip surgery in 2018, he can walk only with a reduction of his weight. Thanks to the Grillo, he has been able to get back up and start practicing walking in a very short time. We love the Grillo because it is easy and fast to handle; in addition, it does not slam your fingers when you lift it from the trunk and it’s lightweight, with easy opening and closing.

Thanks to its rounded design, it is very ergonomic, it does not cause bruises when you bang against it, it doesn’t get trapped in the trunk or got stuck to furniture and clothes. Until now, we have never had such a multi-functional aid for either outdoor and indoor use. Raoul gets up and run with the Grillo for about 6 hours a day so we can integrate the daily therapy and minimize therapy sessions.

Raoul needs the Grillo also when he goes to the ranch to ride his pony Pablo. In fact, he can lead his pony by standing in the Grillo! When we go shopping, his Grillo allows him to move freely all around the shop. He can also pass through the checkout, bringing with him some delicious and unexpected whim. Since Raoul loves doing sports and swimming, with the Grillo we can reach the edge of the pool.
He uses the Grillo also in the shower; we cover the arm supports and the seat with small plastic bags. So we can’t even think about Raoul and our daily life without the Grillo. We can just recommend it.

Raoul says: 

I love my Grillo because it makes me feel free and able to look at my friends and classmates in the eyes, because we are at the same height. They know that I can run and keep up with them, also in sports. When we play soccer I am the goalkeeper, because I am quite good at it. I can go everywhere with Grillo. I use it for all those routes less than 1 km; I run longer distances, like the road to school, with my electrical tricycle. I always have moments for leg training in my daily routine.

At school, I am always using the Grillo, so I can keep up with my mates. Sometimes, my assistant pulls me sideways in order to save energy. During gym class, I can do lots of ball games. Thanks to the gas spring, I can stand, sit or squat near the ground. That helps a lot. When I go shopping or on vacation, I can grab and see things at different heights, this couldn’t be possibile on a wheelchair. It fits perfectly in the large trunk of our car because it folds easily.


What is the difference between the Anterior and Posterior Grillo?

Anterior Grillo Posterior Grillo
Package Contents: 

  • Pelvic support
  • Trunk support (not inc. in Mini)
  • D handle (not inc. in Mini)
  • Transparent tray with grab rail (Mini only)
  • Pelvic harness
  • Front direction locks
  • Drag brakes
  • Anti-reverse locks
  • Foot activated brakes
Package Contents: 

  • Trunk support
  • Pelvic support
  • Pelvic harness
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Direction locks
  • Drag brakes
  • Anti-reverse locks
  • Foot activated brakes