Aware Universal

Aware Universal Rear-View Systems for power wheelchairs mount on your mobility device to allow you to monitor your surrounding while standing or cruising. Feel a sense of personal security as you go about your day, knowing that you can back up safely, protected from colliding with people or obstacles.

The AWARE-A1 connects to your power wheelchair or scooter using a XLR port.

The AWARE-A2 is a personal rear-view system that can connect to your power wheelchair’s or scooter’s USB port, or to your existing charging port using an XLR-USB adaptor (not included).

The AWARE-A4 Personal Rear-view System plugs directly into the R-NET connector hub on your scooter or power wheelchair (applicable to most Permobil, Pride, Sunrise, and Quantum powerchairs).

A1 Wheelchair

Powered by XLR port


A2 Wheelchair

Powered by USB


A4 Wheelchair

Powered by RNET


Specifications Aware A1, A2 & A4
Power Supply DC 12V
Operation temperature -10° – 30°C (14° – 86° F)
Storage temperature -20° – 40° C (-4° – 104° F)
Camera and sensors water resistance IP67 rating
View angle 170°
View range 0.1-9m (0.3 – 30ft)

The Aware Reversing Cameras are easy to install: there is no drilling required and flexible mounting options with mounting brackets with different tilting angles are included with the system. Download the instruction manuals (see above) for further details


I used the reversing camera on the bus yesterday, I had to reverse into the spot for wheelchairs. It was a very tight space and using the camera was very useful. It allowed me to be independent and not have to rely on other people. I felt like I had achieved something major in my life.

I have been also using it to get out of the mobility vans. It makes me safer in my backing of the chair.

Another thing that I have found helpful is the camera being aligned with the side of the armrest and controls. This gave me more room to maneuver when I was getting into position and in tight spots. I do appreciate it being on the right side of my chair because my right side is better than the left for seeing and controlling.

I noticed that when my unit and I were out yesterday catching the ferry to Devonport as well as the bus, my caregivers were helping me get onto the ferry, and with all the difficult ramps and maneuvers that we had to do, the camera tucked in was really helpful.

One more thing to mention is that my family appreciates the camera being moved to the right from the left so they now have the left hand side of my chair free so they can help me without it getting in the way.

Thank you for sorting out all of this for me.

Ali-Dee Hope.