Jenx Multistander
with Abduction

Abducted standing for the smallest children

The NEW Multistander Abduction accessory opens up the opportunities and benefits of abducted standing for even the smallest children down to 9 months old!

This new accessory, available for the Multistander size 1, offers the option of abduction which allows 0-30 degrees of individual leg abduction in 5 degree increments. This is available as either a standalone accessory to retrofit to existing Multistanders manufactured after 2015 or as a complete base unit ready to customise with accessories. The addition of the abduction accessory now ensures Multistander by Jenx offers children the opportunity to continue standing at peer height in either a neutral or abducted hip position.

Code 5230-5000-000
Angle Range 0-90°
Age Range 9mths – 6yrs
Max User Height 116cm
Frame Width 56.5cm
Frame Length 71cm
Chest & Hip Pad Width 14-27.5cm
Knee Block Width 12-40cm
Height of Stander 61-94cm
Leg Abduction 30°
Max User Weight 35kg
Foot Support Angle Dorsiflexion 15°
Foot Support Angle Plantarflexion 15°

Kerry McPhee, from Paisley and whose six-year-old son Ashton lives with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and global development delay, has talked up the health benefits of the Jenx Multistander – a three-in-one standing frame manufactured for children aged from nine months to 13 years – after a recommendation from the family’s Physiotherapist.

Kerry, who initially found the Multistander at an exhibition in Scotland, said:

The Multistander has lots of incredible health benefits for Ashton, who spends most of his time sitting or lying down. As parents of a full-time wheelchair user, it’s amazing to see our son enjoy finally standing tall.

Our physiotherapist recommended Jiraffe to us, and I was immediately impressed with their range of products and extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Ashton, who is non-verbal, uses a variety of assistive equipment day-to-day – with the Jenx Multistander providing support which enables him to stand for prolonged periods.

The Jenx Multistander is a three-in-one standing frame, designed to provide highly supportive standing in prone, supine or upright.

The Multistander has a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options so that it can be adjusted in order to provide support precisely where it is needed while also being comfortable – the open design ensures parents can easily monitor the positioning.