Jenx Monkey
Prone Stander

Simple, highly adjustable standing system, to provide prone/upright positioning

Specifically designed to appeal to young children and their families, the Jenx Monkey is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees right down to 20 degrees prone – perfect for gradually building tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme.

Capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with flexible leg positioning make the Monkey Prone Stander a great option for almost every child.

The Monkey comes complete with:

  • Chest, hip and leg support boards
  • Adjustable chest, hip and leg positioning pads
  • Chest and hip straps
  • Integrated angle adjustable tray with bowl
  • Footboard
  • Size 1 sandals
  • 4 lockable, swivel castors
2 years old
Ivy's Triumph: Navigating Life with Jenx Monkey Prone Stander
Witness Ivy's triumphs with the Jenx Monkey Prone Stander, turning challenges into independence and joy, inspiring her family and beyond.
Code 5050-0001-000
Age Range 9 mos – 4 years
Angle Range 20-90º
Base Size 880mm – 575mm
Chest Height- footplate to top of chest pad) (min/max) 510mm – 750mm
Chest Pad Width 150mm -235mm
Hip Pad Width 150mm – 235mm
Max User Weight 25 kg
Tray Depth 360 mm
Tray Width 530 mm

Frank is 15 months old and after contracting GBS Meningitis at birth, now has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He has recently received his first piece of postural support equipment – Monkey by Jenx.

The Monkey by Jenx is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright, right down to 20 degrees prone.

“Frank absolutely loves his new Monkey and loves seeing the world from a new perspective whilst in the stander!”.

The angle adjustable tray is provided as standard with a bowl and infill, allows Frank to enjoy a wide variety of different activities, both in and out doors.

Not only does it allow Frank to have a new perspective, it gives Frank’s mother a safe and secure place to allow him to relax and play, providing him with more independence. This gives Frank’s mother additional time to complete daily chores, something which she has been unable to do since he was born.

Along with his Monkey, Frank also has a Jenx Corner Seat, offering him support in long sitting, whilst being kept well positioned, with his hips neatly back in the seat.

Child’s name: Child A

Child’s condition: Hydrocephalus, prematurity resulting in prolonged hospital stay from birth

Product: Jenx Monkey Stander

Therapist: R Parslow (Physiotherapist)

Background: Child A was born prematurely with complex needs resulting in a prolonged 18 month stay in hospital. Once home child A was on home O², PEG fed and presenting developmental delay. He has moderate head control, some trunk activity, but no independent sitting balance.

Description of product trialled: Child A has been using a Jenx Monkey Stander for one month.

General and Emotional benefits: Child A is able to practice weight bearing and ensure better hip development and bone density. Plus the change of position gives Child A greater access to the world and interaction on that level. As Child A is very small even though nearly 2 years old, sandal raising blocks were needed to ensure the appropriate level of support and a good stand are achieved. The stander has also meant reduced physical support required to be provided by Mum, allowing her to play with Child A on better level, making both mum and Child A much happier.

Conclusion: A smaller size would have been perfect, but overall very happy with the Monkey stander and found it easy to use and adjust.