Jenx Standz Size 2
Abduction Stander

Abducted standing solved easily for children between the ages of 5-14.

Standz 2 abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°) or neutral leg positioning. Available with an extensive range of accessories the Standz 2 accommodates older children between the ages of 5 to 14 years old.

Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing and created alongside therapists and carers all over the world ensures the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use.

Functional features and accessories recognise the needs of older users and also keep the product simple and safe for care providers to use. Continuing with the core principals of clinically correct positioning, Standz 2 allows for clinicians to support older children and adolescents as they move from postural development through to postural maintenance.

7 years old
Elevating Happiness: Emma's Story with Jenx Standz 2
Meet Emma, a beacon of resilience and joy, defying the odds with a heart full of determination and a smile that lights up the room.
Standz 2

Tool-free adjustment standing frame including:

  • 4 lockable swivel castors
  • Tilt mechanism with the dedicated release lever on the handle with safety lock
  • 0° – 30° independent abduction movement of leg posts in 5 degree increments with easy to use locking plunger
  • Individual footplates with angle adjustment for plantar and dorsiflexion
  • Tilt range of 5° – 90° with easy to read angle gauge
  • Pelvic and trunk support boards and cover pads
Please note this is a base package to which accessories must be added to achieve function.
Specifications Standz Size 2
Average Age 5-14 years
Weight Capacity 70kg
Hip Width 25-37cm
Hip Height 50-95cm
Chest Width 22-36cm
Chest Height 82-116cm
Max Height 160cm
Tilt Range (90 degrees = upright) 0-90°
Frame Width 76cm
Frame Length 107cm
Height off surface when horizontal 90cm
Abduction Range 30°