Mauri has a diagnosis of Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. For some time we have wanted to find a chair that would provide Mauri the support that he needs, while also allowing him to be relaxed and restrained as minimally as possible.

The Gravity Chair has been ideal for this. Due to its design, Mauri is able to be positioned safely in the chair with only a lap belt holding him. Mauri uses his Gravity Chair multiple times every day. He is able to be fed in it, both orally and tube fed.

It is ideal for interactive activities such as reading and games. It is also a comfortable relaxing place for him to watch his Wiggles DVD’s in.

I find the Gravity Chair to be very light and portable, and I really appreciate finding a product that is both simple and functional.

I would recommend the Gravity Chair to any parents and caregivers with children who have a disability.

Mauri’s Mum