Felix is a 12-year-old boy, he has Down Syndrome. He attends regular school every day. The focus of his education is communication, language, independent play and learning ADL (Activities of daily life). In addition, there is focus on his Gross motor function. His day consists of lessons in groups and individual lessons. Felix enjoys playing with other children on playgrounds, playing ball, using his IPAD and watch TV.

Clinical background

Felix is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He started walking at 3 years of age, and has since birth had a slow motor development. He has started developing a scoliosis, and has impaired balance and coordination. When sitting his spine is positioned in a moderate kyphosis, and he leans to one side.
Felix has poor motor function I facial area, and this affects his ability to chew, swallow and speak. A balanced neck and head position is crucial when working and practicing these skills.

Goals for sitting

Sitting in a traditional chair, Felix flexes his spine and pelvis, and ends up in a slumped position. In addition he tends to lean to one side.

Goals for sitting are:

  • Natural curved spine
  • Neutral pelvis
  • Head in midline
  • Free arm and shoulder movement

Focus when sitting is communication, working on individual tasks, and eating independently.


The Krabat Jockey Lite was chosen for Felix. The saddle seat corrects his pelvic position, and this affects the natural curve of the spine and head/neck control. Secondary it opens his shoulder joints and improves functional reach. In this position Felix maintains an upright position over time.



Felix is able to maintain an upright position over time. He is very happy with his new chair!