Clinic Specialist Claire Grey is a natural problem-solver; a creative thinker who’s in her element when brainstorming solutions for complex seating challenges.

After graduating as an Occupational Therapist in the early 2000s, Claire spent the first years of her career in the UK working in hospitals and community teams, and in Australia for an NGO focusing on spinal cord injuries and rehab. On her return to the UK she spent time helping children with complex needs at a special school, and with a UK-based charity dedicated to assisting youngsters with significant mobility needs.

Relocating to New Zealand over a decade ago, she quickly established herself as a leading expert in seating and posture and was eventually convinced to join our team in a role created especially for her.

Today, she is an ever-present figure in the community, working closely with therapists and their clients to provide practical solutions and recommendations. She also advises on funding options, and the types of equipment and resources which may be available to specific users. Somewhere in amongst that, she’s also finding time to complete a Master’s in Public Health.

Describing her current role as her ‘dream job’, Claire is passionate about social equity; about addressing disparities and closing the gaps to ensure every person has the same opportunity to do the things that are important to them.