Zippie Zone

Get in the Zone with the lightest Zippie designed for active kids and teens

The Zippie Zone is an innovative, ultra lightweight and option-rich pediatric rigid wheelchair that is perfect for active kids and teens. Designed for the unique needs of kids, the Zone offers numerous growth options and provides the greatest wheel access for independent mobility.

Zippie Zone
Zippie Zone Caster
Code 1556-0000-000
Seat Width 8″ – 16″ (20 – 40.5cm)
Seat Depth 8″ – 18″ (20 – 46cm)
Front Seat Height 14″ – 19″ (35.5 – 48cm)
Rear Seat Height 13″ – 19″ (33 – 48cm)
Back Height 6″ – 18″ (15 – 46cm)
Overall Width 20″ – 24″ (51 – 61cm)
Overall Length Frame Depth
Frame Angle 80º
Additional Depth Growth 2” built in to frame
Additional Width Growth Parts required
User Weight 75kg
Product Weight Transit weight: From 6.5kg* (10″ x 10″)
* Frame weight only in the lightest configuration with no wheels, armrests or seating.

Spoke Guard Options

To see the spoke guard options for the  Zippie Zone Children’s Wheelchair see here.