Positioning Brackets

For use in conjunction with Velcro Receptor Sheets

Brackets fit to the Velcro Receptor, under the top sheet and under the airmantle.

  • Small: normally used either side of the chest and possibly the head in supine lying. A single bracket can fit in front of the stomach in side-lying.
  • Medium: normally used at the hips in supine lying.
  • Large: used for when the X-Large is too long
  • X-Large: support the back and bottom in side lying. Prevent the knees falling outwards or to one side (wind-sweeping) in supine lying.

Super-slim option available with thin firm padding means thickness is reduced to allow specific positioning. These are great for use as thoracic lateral guides under a client’s arms as the thin bracket prevents shear under the arm.

View the Receptor Sheet details here.

1. Fitting the Symmetrisleep Brackets:
2. Fitting the Bracket Pads:

Symmetrisleep Brackets

Small Medium Large XLarge
Code 7011-7240-00B 7011-7241-00B 7011-7242-00B 7011-7230-001
Unit Pair Pair Each Each
Colour Red Yellow Blue Green
Bracket Image
Width 10 cm 16 cm 15 cm 15 cm
Height 8 cm 13 cm 25 cm 28 cm
Length 13 cm 13 cm 25 cm 25 cm
CoolOver Pads 7012-7165-001 7012-7175-001 7012-7185-001 7012-7195-001
Pad Image

Super Slim Brackets (come with padding as standard)

Small Medium-Low Medium-High
Code 7030-3481-000 7030-3482-000 7030-3483-000
Unit Each Each Each