Symmetrisleep CoolOver
Thermal Comfort

Second generation temperature control

CoolOver® and thermal comfort

CoolOver® fabrics enhance thermal comfort by working right up close. All-new soft feel Hypo Allergenic fabric contains tiny Omnitherm® microcapsules; which absorb excess heat when the body is hot and release it back when the body cools to maintain a more even temperature for a better night’s sleep. Should you turn into the pillow, CoolOver covers have excellent air permeability so reduce the severity of respiratory distress. Inherent free draining characteristics allow any fluids which may otherwise cause redness or rashes to drain away from the skin.

CoolOver® sheets keep you dry

CoolOver has a 3d “spacer” knit which allows air to move more freely keeping you cooler as sweat can more easily evaporate and drier as moisture is moved away from the skin.

Cooler accessories

Not only is CoolOver® available for sheets and covers, is it now used as the standard liner in the Symmetrisleep soft knee blocks and the facing of Symmetrisleep bracket pads as well as the Airmantle and Overmantle. CoolOver covers are available for all Symmetrisleep Lowzone Cushions.

Implementation and safety checking

It is important to establish a baseline of core temperature (using an aural thermometer) when the individual is well before introducing alternative support surfaces. Remember: Perspiration is not always indicative of a high core temperature.

CoolOver TR3 is the latest generation of thermal regulation. It provides even superior temperature regulation in that it has:

  • Even more thermal capacity – the yarn has been loaded with 50% more of the active ingredient
  • Variable denier weave and hydrophilic properties maximize the wicking; sweat evaporates from the fabric not the body, cooling the fabric which cools the body without chilling
  • Higher wash temperature- 75’c
  • Low temperature tumble dry, high temp for loose sheets
  • No “whiskering”

Symmetrisleep Elasticated CoolOver over sheet, fitted style machine washable with thermal regulation properties.

 Code Size Measurements
7015-7120-C00 Cot Size 132 x 63 cm
7015-7120-T00 3/4 160 x 80 cm
7015-7120-S00 Single Bed 190 x 106 cm
7015-7120-SK0 Single King 210 x 106 cm
7015-7120-D00 Double/Queen Bed 215 x 150 cm
7015-7120-SFS Flat Sheet 320 x 210 cm


CoolOver covers are now available for all Symmetrisleep Cushions!

Cushion Medifab Code Dimensions
A / Square 7016-7500-CVR 30 x 30
C / Med Oblong 7016-7580-CVR 30 x 45
D / Lge Oblong 7016-7610-CVR 45 x 75
E / Horseshoe 7016-7700-CVR 35 x 80
F / Small Roll 7016-7800-CVR 8 x 30
G / Med Roll 7016-7850-CVR 13 x 40
Z Pillow 7015-7810-CVR