Symmetrisleep Bamboo
Sheets For
Thermal Regulation

Bamboo has insulating properties that keep the user 2-3 degrees cooler in summer and warmer in the winter

The natural wicking fabric that helps to keep you cool!

This natural eco-friendly textile has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so stays “fresh” for longer. It’s smooth, round fibres are knitted in to a silky super soft fabric for a luxury feel.

Bamboo fibres have a hollow tube like construction so they tend to wick moisture away from the skin aiding evaporation and keeping the skin cool and dry, (Bamboo can hold more than 3 times its own weight in water).

For still greater thermal stabilisiation you may want to consider CoolOver as an alternative.


Fitted style over sheets:

Code Size Measurements
7015-7121-C00 Cot 130 x 60 cm
7015-7121-T00 3/4 160 x 80 cm
7015-7121-S00 Single 190 x 106 cm
7015-7121-SK0 Single King 210 x 105 cm
7015-7121-D00 Double* 215 x 150 cm

* Also fits Queen size mattress


Bamboo Covers for Lowzone Cushions:

Cushion Medifab Code Dimensions
A / Square 7016-7500-BAM 30 x 30 cm
C / Medium Oblong 7016-7580-BAM 30 x 45 cm
D / Large Oblong 7016-7610-BAM 45 x 75 cm
E / Horseshoe 7016-7700-BAM 35 x 80 cm
F / Small Roll 7016-7800-BAM 8 x 30 cm
G / Medium Roll 7016-7850-BAM 13 x 40 cm
Z Pillow 7016-7810-BAM 20 x 80 cm

Machine washable to 60 degrees. Can be tumble dried.


Fabric Composition

52% Bamboo, 48 % Polyester Double Jersey knit with Purotex anti microbial included.