Spex Standing Powerchair
Adapter Mount

Enables fitting of Spex Back Supports to Levo C3 Powered Standing Wheelchair

The Spex Standing Powerchair Adapter Mount provides an off-the-shelf hardware solution for mounting Spex back supports to the Levo C³ Powered Standing Wheelchair.

This versatile Adapter Mount empowers clinicians and power wheelchair users by providing an opportunity to select from the Spex seating range to suit individual needs. Featuring a reduced depth profile and built-in height adjustment, this Adapter Mount maintains back support functionality, while providing a compatible solution for attaching to the Levo C³ Powered Standing Wheelchair.

Compatible back supports from the Spex range include:

  • Spex Classic
  • Spex SuperShape
  • Spex Vigour
  • Spex Manta
  • Zygo Mid (Active Contour, Deep Contour)

Spex has also developed an alternative mounting system for use with selected models of Power Wheelchair seating systems such as the Quantum TRU-Balance 3 and Sedeo Pro. Regular back support mounting options are also available where power wheelchairs are fitting with back support canes to enable mounting.


The Spex Seating System has been successfully crash-tested and complies with RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 20 (WC20) and ISO 16840-4:2009. The Spex Seating System is certified for use as a motor vehicle seat when used with an appropriate wheelchair base that conforms to the requirements of ISO 7176-19:2008. Please follow all installation, use, and maintenance instructions as well as transit instructions.

The Spex Seating System complies with standards which evaluate the performance of the seating system independent of a specific model of wheelchair base. The Power Recline Adapter Mount has not been crash tested with a specific wheelchair base. Mounting the Spex Seating System to an appropriate wheelchair base using the Power Recline Adapter Mount may require a qualified professional to configure and install the seating system.

Weight Capacity