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Universal Positioning

Enhanced positioning outcomes underneath air and gel cushions

Traditionally, it has been difficult to meet clinical requirements for wheelchair users with pelvic and postural requirements when seated on pressure care cushions.

The Universal Positioning Base assists with these challenges by insertion under the air/gel cushion to configure the base system as per the user’s clinical assessment, to achieve a functional outcome for the user whilst not compromising with pressure care properties.

The Spacer Universal Positioning Base comes with both a 10mm thick spacer base, a 20mm thick spacer base, and a pack of 8 contouring obliquity pads. This is ideal for creating moderate contours and adjustments on the flat spacer surface, such as accommodating for a pelvic obliquity. The spacer blocks are also ideal to achieve greater lower leg length by raising the user’s cushion up to 30mm.

The Universal Positioning Base should be prescribed by a qualified clinician and care needs to be taken that the configuration and position of the UPB components does not jeopardise the user’s pressure requirements.

The Spacer Universal Positioning Base comes standard with…

  • 1x 10mm firm EVA foam Spacer Base
  • 1x 20mm firm EVA foam¬†Spacer Base
  • 8x Contouring/Obliquity Pads
Spacer UPB Cushion Width Spacer UPB Cushion Length Spacer UPB Cushion Item Code
14″ 14″ 1113-01-1414
14″ 16″ 1113-01-1416
14″ 18″ 1113-01-1418
16″ 16″ 1113-01-1616
16″ 18″ 1113-01-1618
16″ 20″ 1113-01-1620
18″ 18″ 1113-01-1818
18″ 20″ 1113-01-1820
20″ 18″ 1113-01-2018
20″ 20″ 1113-01-2020

Can I sit directly on the Universal Positioning Base?


No, the Universal Positioning Bases must be used underneath a pressure care cushion, such as an air or gel cushion option. They are designed to be used in conjunction with pressure care cushions, to meet postural requirements.