RGK Octane
FX Wheelchair

Lightweight, made to measure, folding wheelchair

Travel stress free with Octane FX folding small to fit into most overhead lockers and small spaces, without compromising on ridgidity. The RGK Octane FX is an extremely lighweight folding wheelchair, making it ideal for travelling, with the frame folding down to a suitcase sized package. This ultra lightweight wheelchair is ideal for an active lifestyle, making it effortless to transfer into the car or push long distances.

The RGK Octane FX has built-in shock absorption, soaking up vibrations and providing a smooth and comfortable ride. This combined with the rust resistant titanium – makes it the perfect companion for adventures out and about, with no need to worry about corrosion and salt water. The Octane FX is also made to measure allowing it to best suit each individual user.

Why choose made to measure?
  • INDIVIDUAL MEASUREMENTS – over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user of the wheelchair, so that it fits their individual requirements.
  • ERGONOMIC OPTIONS – a wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance and posture.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – the lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements.
The effects:
  • OPTIMUM POSTURE – Sitting in the correct position can significantly reduce the risks of developing pressure related issues in the short and long term.
  • OPTIMIUM COMFORT – Feeling comfortable increases confidence which helps the user achieve an active lifestyle. The likelihood of developing prolonged discomfort, pain and persistent injuries are significantly reduced.
  • MAXIMISED PERFORMANCE – The user and wheelchair work in complete unison. This reduces the amount of energy needed to propel and in turn increases the wheelchair’s efficiency to maximize the user’s abilities.

Seat Width 25-46 cm
Seat Depth 25-46cm
Seat Height 48-55cm
Back Angle -7° to 7°
Total Weight 10.6kg
Max User Weight 110kg
Made to Measure Over 30 measurements available to personalise and create a wheelchair that best suits you.
Q-Lock Folding Front Design The Q-LockTM transforms lightweight ridgid chair into one that can fit into airline lockers and small spaces, without compromising on ridgity.
High Quality Materials Made from grade 9 titanium – which is the highest quality titanium, ensuring a lightweight, and durable frame with a super smooth ride. It also has a natural shock absorption to soak up road vibration and is very resistant to corrosion.
Ultra Lightweight The frame weighing in at just 5.5kg (based on the 400mm wide seat) – this is the ultimate wheelchair for an active lifestyle, making it effortless to transfer into the car or to push long distances.
Airtech Technology Tension adjustable backrest and centre pad, including mesh cover panels, for better support and positioning with breathable material to keep you cool.