Head Positioning

Positioning system for the head and upper body

Head system which mounts to wheelchairs and seat shells. Unique retraction retainers fold backwards and click into place with hinges.

Very supportive “Octopus arms” embrace the wheelchair user, providing anterior trunk support.

Construction is of foam, padded with viscoelastic foam, with Neoprene covers.

Octopus comes complete with mounting system, ready for installation to the wheelchair.

Octopus Head Positioning System
Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Code 1290-4110-000 1290-4111-000 1290-4112-000 1290-4113-000
Neck Width Up to 85 mm Up to 100 mm Up to 125 mm Up to 150 mm
A 200 mm 280 mm 340 mm 400 mm
B 95 mm 120 mm 140 mm 165 mm
C 200 mm 230 mm 260 mm 300 mm
D 35 mm 50 mm 50 mm 65 mm