JAY Stump Support

Wheelchair Lower-Extremity Support Attachment

Stump support kit option by Jay Seating, which can be fitted to any of the range of Quickie wheelchairs.

Available on the following products: Quickie Iris, Quickie 2, Quickie 2 Lite, QX, QXi and SR45. The new hanger latch block mechanism allows the extremity support to retrofit to these manual products.

This JAY limb support pad is available in 2 different sizes; 6″ x 8″ and 8″ x 10″. Made out of high-resistance foam and wood, this pad provides extra comfort and the cover surface is easy to clean.

This technology gives the user full adjustability and proper support. Take advantage of the fore/aft adjustment, up to 2″ of height adjustment, and angle adjustment of 30 degrees downward.

Size User Side Code
Standard (8″ x 6″) Right 1453-1852-0RH
Left 1453-1852-0LH
Large (10″ x 8″) Right 1453-1853-0RH
Left 1453-1853-0LH