Emergency belt slicer

Our Lifesaver seatbelt and webbing cutter is a device consisting of an enclosed handle and a protected cutting blade. In the event of a motor vehicle emergency or traffic accident it can be used to cut through seat and any restraint belts to release the occupant.

The Webbing cutter can be mounted with Velcro to a convenient location in the motor vehicle or kept in the vehicle glove box.

We strongly recommend for every individual that uses our Houdini or Secure-Fix harnesses or has anti-escape buckles installed on a car seat, the vehicle should have one of these devices.

The cutter comes with two window stickers to be placed in the vehicle in which the harness is used. Stickers read: Attention! Special Harness in use in this vehicle. Safety cutter located in glove box. This positioning harness must be used with the vehicle safety belt.

Description Code
Houdini vehicle harness safety kit; includes Lifesaver seat belt slicer/cutter and window stickers x 2 4604-0010-017