Join us for this full day, interactive bootcamp comprised of 3 unique workshops, each covering a different area of paediatric assistive technology prescription.

Within each session, priority will be placed on hands-on learning and “tool time” with equipment, aimed to build confidence and skills in common adjustments and considerations.

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Supporting children safely for travel; Addressing additional needs in available restraint options

Car travel can be exciting, providing us with a sense of freedom and access to our community and beyond! For children with disabilities and their families however, the right piece of equipment can be the difference between safe and unsafe access to vehicle transportation. Whilst “off the shelf” car seats provide some support for occupants, for children with less postural control this may be insufficient. This session will run through the vehicle transport considerations for children with disabilities, including consideration of the supports available and how to determine which is best for your client.

Healthy Hips: Where to Start and How to Achieve Positive Impact

Maintaining and promoting health of the hip joint is often a clinical priority when working with children who have a neurological impairment and disability. Unfortunately, issues that relate to the hip joint and the secondary complications that arise from these issues are prevalent in this population. Appropriate postural support across the day, with opportunity for weightbearing and active movement are integral to promoting hip health in this population. This session will explore hip health and development in the neurodisbaility population, including how we can utilise time in upright and weightbearing positions for the purpose of promoting hip joint health.

Paediatric Seating Simplified: Utilising common adjustments to address real world challenges

Seating supports are prescribed across New Zealand on a daily basis, providing children with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a supportive environment that is tailored to their needs. Matching a piece of equipment to a child based on their goals and presentation is just the start of the journey for the child and their family/caregivers. The need for education, support and regular review is just as important for successful seating intervention. Commonly the review will involve key adjustments, not only ensuring that the size of the equipment is right but that the support being provided is appropriate to the level of need of the user. This session will explore the fundamentals of paediatric seating prescription, including how to use common adjustments to promote optimum outcomes for clients.