Standing Frame
Product Selector
Medifab offers a range of standing frame options that support children in different ways and can be customised with different accessories. The benefits a child receives when using a standing frame are maximised by the type of frame chosen and the accessories used. Choosing the right standing frame for a child is therefore important but can also be challenging, especially when there are multiple different sizes and styles of frame available to choose from.

Introducing our new ‘Standing Frame Selection Guide’, designed to assist with choosing standing equipment that is best suited to a child’s needs. This guide is simple, maximising usability by minimising the questions asked to those which narrow down product options in the most effective way. Refining product options that can be trialed with a child, simplifys the selection process making it more efficient.

The selection guide works by using a combination of specific clinical information and the child’s age, recommending solutions for trial based on the information provided. A link will be available with the recommended product/s which will direct users to the product information page. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, further information on our entire standing frame range can be found here:


*Whilst this guide is useful for product selection, it does not replace any part of the assessment process that is required to understand the needs of the child. This should be completed by the appropriate therapist working with the child who has a good understanding of their unique clinical presentation and circumstances. This selection guide also does not replace the necessary trial process to establish which product will work best for a child.