Mobility Solutions
for Two Special
Needs Children

Trouble with two? A big question when it comes to strollers…

Until now this has been a situation that families have endured, but with no real solution that enables ease of use with essential flexibility.

Government funding will give you one bite of the cherry. Do you go for single strollers and depend on permanent support person to assist, or get locked in with the large piece of kit?

Can I even lift a large double stroller into my car?

What if one of my children is unwell? Does this mean I have to take a large piece of equipment out with one child in it?

How does this look? Do I really have to been seen in public with a device that only appears normal when it is occupied with two smiling faces.

This is the reality that families are being faced with… now there is a fantastic way all these concerns can be allayed.



Evo Stroller

This same double stroller system can also be applied to the Bingo Spex Stroller (previously know as Wonderseat) that has the same Hoggi stroller base as the Bingo Evo. This allows those with greater postural needs to also be accommodated when considering solutions for two children! In this way, if one child has less postural requirements than the other, a Wonderseat could be connected as a double stroller with a regular Bingo Evo to best accommodate the needs of both children.

The Bingo Evo is a tried and true stroller that now has a whole new meaning to a significant group of families. Is this you?

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