We are excited to bring New Zealand wheelchair users the latest innovation from loop+, to continuously monitor seated position and pressure in everyday life!

loop+ continuously records seated activity in a wheelchair to align health management in the community with your best practice guidance. It’s a tool that provides visibility into your client’s everyday habits.


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loop+ is a connected and continuous approach to care management. A sensor pad that fits to the wheelchair connected to a mobile app, loop+ tracks movement and learns routines to help wheelchair users and their circle of care identify potential risks based on changes in daily habits and physical activity.

loop+ has supported allied health professionals with:

  • Partnering with their client for best practice seating habits
  • Quantifiable evidence for AT justifications
  • Seating adjustment or assessment
  • Product comparisons in everyday seating
  • Back to seating protocols
  • Educating and supporting carers for best positioning practices
  • Understanding positioning habits in everyday life