We’re excited to share the news that trained physiotherapist, Jamie Cockle, has joined the Medifab team as Paediatric Clinical Educator and Seating and Positioning Specialist.

Based in NSW, Australia, Jamie provides dedicated training and support for therapists, product specialists and families, helping them to understand the key principles behind Medifab’s range of paediatric equipment.

Jamie prides himself on empowering everyone he works alongside with practical knowledge they can apply every day. His in-person and online training sessions ensure our therapists, dealers and families are confident with the equipment they use; ensuring they get the most out of it to ultimately optimise children’s health and happiness. He’s also the voice for therapists, product specialists and families in advocating for product and service improvement.

Jamie’s clinical skills and assessment tools were honed during his early career working as a Paediatric Physiotherapist at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff, followed by a stint at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

It’s in these acute hospitals Jamie gained practical experience with paediatric equipment and developed a particular passion for helping children with neurological conditions to be the best version of themselves. One of his proudest moments is helping a young boy learn to stand unaided after being given a poor prognosis.

He strongly believes every child, regardless of ability or diagnosis, should have the opportunity to be well supported as they learn, grow and develop. Critically, he appreciates the need for equipment to change as children do.

Throughout his career, Jamie has worked closely with a diverse range of people, developing talent for understanding not only their own needs but those of the families supporting them.

He’s very grateful to the inspirational mentors and teachers who have helped equip him with the knowledge and skills he holds today.

Learn more about Jamie Cockle in the video below.

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