Medifab Clinic and
Conference Rooms

Discover the new conferencing and clinic facilities available in Medifab’s Auckland and Christchurch locations. These facilities are free of charge for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to benefit from. We look forward to welcoming you!

Why book an appointment using our clinic rooms rather than at your client’s home?

  • The clinic rooms provide a clean, professional and safe environment
  • Reduce the overall appointment count with equipment prescription. More ‘on-the-spot’ customisations and adaptations are possible, reducing the need for additional appointments with equipment set-up
  • Reduced equipment trial time frames – appointments at Medifab have access to a warehouse with alternative product solutions and extensive product accessories and options
  • More access and availability to our talented and trusted Product Consultants. They can often find a lot of their day is spent on the road – if clients are booked up in close succession at Medifab you have our team all on hand to accelerate the throughput of your caseload!
  • Growth sessions – book in a technician to grow the equipment – they can do minor repairs and lubrications too while you wait

Benefits for your clients

  • Private clinic room
  • Play area for siblings
  • Shorter waiting times for fully configured equipment solutions
  • Ceiling track hoist installed to promote safe handling – no annoying portable hoist legs to run over your feet with! (GH1-200 GULDMANN system supplied by Active Healthcare. Rated to 255kg – bring your own sling or use one of our standard ones)
  • If your client cannot arrange transport, we will! Mobility taxis and cabs are easy to work with and we are happy to facilitate this service

Fit more into your day! Book your whole morning or afternoon out at Medifab

  • Reduce client appointment processing time by bringing multiple clients in on one day rather than having to travel between client’s houses for appointments
  • Lounge/waiting area for clients while you prepare appointment requirements
  • Our Customer Support team are happy to assist with client coordination and appointment bookings
  • While waiting between appointments, a therapist’s work desk is available for catching up on application paperwork and communications
  • We love being your host! We will look after your beverage needs – free barista-made coffee and tea! A variety of lunch options are available directly over the road
  • Free Wi-Fi access with high-speed broadband

Training facility also available

  • Bring your team for a meeting or training session

Download further information on the Auckland Clinic or plan your trip using Google Maps.

Christchurch Clinic and Conference Rooms:

Medifab has been privileged to host a number of therapy conferences in our Christchurch conferencing facility, which is available to use free of charge for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Our Clinic facility also brings a number of benefits to the therapist and client, as above.

Book your session in one of Medifab’s Clinic Rooms here.