XLella Classic Bariatric
Back Support

Rigid back support with contouring capabilities to shape and configure, for bariatric wheelchair users up to 300kg.

The XLella Classic Back Support is designed to support users with larger pressure distribution who require a back support with the possibility to create shapes and contours for postural support and/or changing needs. The Spex unique contouring cube system can be shaped and configured as many times as needed.

The bariatric population presents specific seating challenges. Positioning the pelvis in neutral may not be possible because excessive soft tissue limits the ability to control the position of the pelvis and spine, therefore, it is essential to provide adequate pressure distribution and relief, heat and moisture control, and ultimately, comfort.

The excessive adipose tissue in the gluteal region (gluteal shelf) can also prevent bariatric users from sitting with adequate spinal support, which can contribute to back pain. Offering solutions to accommodate the unique posterior shape created by this redundant tissue is paramount.

XLella bariatric range consists of back supports and cushions, which span from 22” to 28” width, with options for custom items up to 32”.

The XLella back supports provide an off-the-shelf solution, with integrated adjustability and adaptability for potential changing needs. These are available in three different styles to meet the individual requirements and body shapes of the user, XLella Vigour, XLella Classic, and XLella². All models are transport certified and have a weight capacity of up to 300kg.

For Mild Bony Prominences For Immersion For Asymmetry
Without even adjusting the cube system, the Spex back support has slight contouring and integrates a comfortable pressure reducing foam surface layer to absorb mild bony prominences and asymmetries for uniform torso contact. For individuals that require immersion into the back support, simply adjust the cube contouring cell system to configure for a perfect fit and shape for the user’s back. For asymmetrical or maladaptive postures, the contour can be arranged to provide the matching shape required to support the user’s torso profile.
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The XLella Family: Premium Bariatric Wheelchair Seating
XLella Back Support Sizing Chart
Foam Composition
XLella Comparison
Style XLella Classic
Weight (without hardware, 22″ back)* 3.65kg
Weight Capacity 300kg
Overall Thickness (including cover) 80mm
Code 1258-WWHH-0SS

Note: This is the weight of a 22″ wide back support and does not include the hardware. For hardware weight, see below hardware options.

Transport Certified All XLella Back Supports and hardware configurations are suitable for transport in a vehicle when mounted on an appropriate wheelchair frame.

XLella Vigour XLella Classic XLella2 Biangular
Padding Thickness Moderate padding thickness. Thicker padding for adjustments in the foam contouring layers. Moderate padding thickness.
Adjustment No contour adjustment. Moderate contour adjustment using cube system. Maximum contour adjustment using hinge profile curvature system.
Contouring Mild contour for comfort.
Will provide support for bariatric users without contouring needs.
Build up Spex positioning cubes to create contouring. Add padding to the top of the back support to relieve the gluteal region.
Will provide a more complete adjustment range for more complex setups.
Provides adjustment through the lower section using the hardware to relieve the gluteal region.
Will provide the most supportive solution for most bariatric users.
Scripting Scripted by the back support height. Scripted by the back support height.
Contour the support surface by adding and removing foam cubes.
Scripted by the support surface length.
Contour the support surface using the hardware adjustment. See the next page for script tools.