Whether in the classroom, nursery or at home, better posture while seated creates a more positive experience for your child.

It can help develop fine motor skills, increase confidence and the ability to engage and learn.

The Juni chair comes in four colours and the contemporary design helps to promote social inclusion.

Juni’s seat and backrest provide unique contouring to promote better posture, give higher levels of comfort and help your child feel more secure and stable in the chair.

It is our vibrant chair for children who require minimal levels of postural support when seated. We understand that your child’s needs change during each stage of growth and development.

That’s why the seat’s height and depth, as well as armrest height, can easily be adjusted and also features a unique built-in lumbar support.

7 years old
Hazel's Story
"It's really important for us to have this equipment to help Hazel in her daily life to be able to be part of our family."
Product Codes
Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Black 3209-1001-099 3209-1002-099 3209-1003-099 3209-1004-099
Blue 3209-1001-060 3209-1002-060 3209-1003-060 3209-1004-060
Red 3209-1001-022 3209-1002-022 3209-1003-022 3209-1004-022
Lime 3209-1001-054 3209-1002-054 3209-1003-054 3209-1004-054


Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Seat Height (cm) 16–22 20–28 24–34 30–40
Seat Width (cm) 24 28 32.5 36.5
Seat Depth (cm) 18–24 22–30 24–34 30–40
Back Support Height (cm) 26 29 32.5 40
Load capacity of seat unit (kg) 30 40 50 60
Product weight (kg) 4 6 8 10