Isofix and which Medifab car seats can be used if your vehicle has this.
Isofix is generally found in European and later model cars. It is typically a rigid system that is incorporated into the car seat frame, as shown in the image right. Some models of vehicle allow Isofix to be slotted away when not in use, and the seat can then be installed with the seat belt instead of using Isofix.

Isofix is an attachment system found in some cars, it allows for a quicker and often better install of your child’s car seat – but Isofix is not necessarily “safer” than a seat belt, it does however, reduce the high occurrence of incorrectly installed child seats.

It is easy to use, quick to install, and most often gets a tighter install than using a seat belt since there is no need to know your seat belt type, or use a locking clip. It is best to try both systems to see what method works best for your car, and car seat.

Please note that Australian car seats currently do not use this system and must be installed with a seat belt and top tether only.

Do NOT attach an Isofix car seat to the seat belt buckle joiners, also located in the seat bight.

Further details about Isofix can be read here.

Below are the car seats offered by Medifab that are compatible with Isofix.

  • KidsflexStarlight-NXTIpai-LGT car seats: as standard, these car seats come with a ‘Tubular Clamp Bow’ to use in standard vehicles. If your vehicle has Isofix, you can specify Isofix connectors for your Kidslover seat at time of ordering.
     If Isofix is used, the vehicle three-point safety belt must also be used.
    – These seats are crash tested to the ECE R44 European safety regulation – none of these are able to be fitted with a tether strap/bolt securement.
    – The ISOFIX adapter for these car seats is a safety necessity to help stabilise the carseat in the vehicle – especially because they swivel out sideways to assist with transfers. When swivelling the seat, the weight is transferred towards the door of the vehicle and this can in some situations case it to rock. This makes it difficult to position a child safety during transfer.
    – It is important to note that ISOFIX adapters for these special needs car seats do not replace the requirement to use the lap/diagonal belt.
    – When no ISOFIX attachments are available in the vehicle we have to choose the standard basic ‘Tubular Clamp Bow’ brackets which simply jams in to the gap between the seat and back.
  • Hero-NXT car seat: this model only comes with Isofix connectors so can only be used if your vehicle has Isofix receivers. It does not use the lap diagonal belt.
  • Carrot 3000 car seat: as standard, this car seat does not come with Isofix connectors, however if your vehicle has Isofix you can choose to order your Carrot with a Swivel Base which has Isofix connectors. If using Isofix, please transport your child with the five-point seat belt of the Carrot and with the three-point seat belt of the car.