Car Seat

Light weight, comfortable and safe!

The Ipai-LGT lives up to its name, characterised by a light weight easy-to-use design and provides mild body support and care for children with special needs. Comes standard equipped with ISOFIX, thoracic supports and a 5-point harness that is padded at the shoulders. As part of the supportive harness a large, stable tee pad guarantees firm support across the child’s pelvis.

Have the peace of mind that your child is kept safe with the Side Impact Protection System that can be unscrewed to secure the car seat against the side of the vehicle door, improving safety in the event of side impact to the vehicle. If you choose to position the Ipai-LGT in the middle seat, it’s slim design allows for side-by-side installation of other car seats.

Through the depth adjustable ISOFIX adapter the Ipai-LGT can be used in a range of different vehicles. Adjusted through a central handle at the front of the car seat that can be operated with one hand makes it a breeze to install the seat quickly and safely.

Whilst there is no swival base available for the Ipai-LGT it does have a with forearm body support tray accessory to give the upper body more stability.

Ipai-LGT Car Seat Installation
Ipai-LGT Car Seat Use
Introduction to Special Purpose Car Seats
Seat Width Rear 31 cm
Seat Width Front 34 cm
Seat Depth 32 cm
Back Height 38 – 58 cm
Headrest Height 59 – 79 cm
Lateral Support Height 20-33 cm
Distance between Laterals 14-28 cm
Backrest Recline Angle 85° – 162°
Total Height of Car Seat 67 – 85 cm
Overall Width of Car Seat 48 cm
Total Depth of Car Seat 39 cm
Weight of Car Seat 7 kg
Max Weight Limit 36 kg
MACA and

The Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assessed the Ipai-LGT Car Seat in 2021/22, in accordance with the AuSAP Test and Assessment Protocol. For more information about AuSAP visit www.macahub.org

MACA’s Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) independently assesses vehicle restraint options used by children with disabilities and medical conditions. AuSAP is not a certification program but aims to advance knowledge about the safety and design of restraint systems for children with disabilities and medical conditions.