It’s crazy… we know. It’s also surreal, and we know that all too well.

That’s two things we know in this time of so many unknowns.

But there’s also another thing we know, and we are proudly no stranger to it…+-

Positivity and optimism are two of the most valuable things in the world, and now in this time of struggle, there could never be a truer spoken word.

The team here is thinking of all the people that are affected, and we’re hoping and praying for them. We simply want to be there to support and to make it easier. Even if it’s just a chat… just call us or send us a message. We want to talk.

So, while we’re all at home and can’t travel around like we usually do, there’s one thing we’ll still be doing and doing more of. This is a promise.

While we can’t physically go the extra mile… we’ll go the “extra smile”.

See further details about Medifab and COVID-19 here. Here’s a picture of the Medifab team on the 24th of March as we were transitioning into our new virtual offices!