Medifab were pleased to assist a recent trip to Tonga in November/December by a team of New Zealand therapists, arranged by the Altus Resource Trust.

The team of therapists worked with children and adults, in conjunction with the Mango Tree Centre in Tonga, setting up wheelchairs and seating and other postural equipment.

Medifab were honoured to assist this trip through donation of a range of wheelchair seating and postural equipment. This type of equipment is rarely available to those in the Islands unless donated.

We would like to thank the Altus Resource Trust for the great work that they do in making a difference to the lives of people with disabilities in the Pacific Islands.


About the Altus Trust: 

Altus Resource Trust works with organisations in the Pacific Islands who provide services for children and adults with disabilities, and have physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, wheelchair technicians and nurses involved in training field workers and health professionals in these organisations, when they don’t have the skill base required to work effectively.

The Pacific Islands are neighbours of New Zealand and have close ties with our country. As the population in the Islands is low, specialist services such as therapists who work with people with disabilities is limited. Equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers are rarely available unless donated items have been provided by countries such as New Zealand and Australia.

You can support the Altus Resource Trust through donating here.