For supine positioning

Available in New Zealand only. Gives client a knee break and abductor to prevent legs crossing over.

Made with firm foam with soft convolutions on the outside for comfort and pressure care.

Comes standard with a 4 way stretch waterproof cover.

Four different sizes and also leg straps available. Leg Straps are used with the T-Rolls to help keep the patient’s legs in position while they sleep. If the Straps are not used, there is a possibility that the T-Roll can be dislodged during the night if the patient moves.

To Fit Leg Straps: 

  1. Firmly secure the two Horizontal Straps around the ends of the horizontal part of the Roll, with the two black plastic loops on top. The double Velcro fastening loop makes a very secure closure.
  2. Firmly secure the Top Strap around the Vertical section of the T-Roll so the two Leg Straps align with the plastic loops on the horizontal section.
  3. When the patient’s legs are in position on the T-Roll, do up the Leg Straps by threading them through the plastic loops and Velcro them to size. It may not be necessary for the straps to be tight enough to touch the patient’s legs, so they can still move a little, but the straps will stop the legs coming completely off the roll.

Note: If the Leg Straps do get dislodged during the night, it will be an indication that the patient has been very restless and may need some help to settle down.

Extra Small Small Medium Large
Code 7030-1851-000 7030-1852-000 7030-1853-000 7030-1854-000
Width 50 cm 51 cm 61 cm 71 cm
Diameter 10 cm 15 cm 18 cm 20 cm
Straps 7030-1861-100 7030-1862-100 7030-1863-100 7030-1864-100



Have guidance from your facility’s infection control department as they may override manufacturer recommendations.

Wipe with sponge or cloth which has been moistened in warm, soapy water or disinfectant, and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.