Knee Comfort
Sleeping Wedge

For positioning in supine lying

Available in New Zealand only. Shallow knee wedge with optional knee cuffs. Made from firm foam with convolutions to help with pressure care.

Comes standard with a special waterproof cover. Spare polyester covers can be purchased if necessary.

If the person’s legs need to be held in position, Knee Comfort Cuffs can be attached to this Knee Comfort Wedge by Velcro. Refer below for  for Knee Comfort Cuffs sizes. Cuffs can be fixed at any position on top of the wedge to keep legs in optimal position.

Wedge Small Large
Code 7030-1752-000 7030-1754-000
Width 50 cm 50 cm
Height 5.5 cm 7.5 cm


Cuffs Small Medium Large
Code 7030-1772-100 7030-1773-100 7030-1774-100
Dimension 15-30 cm 25-40 cm 35-50 cm



Have guidance from your facility’s Infection Control department as they may override manufacturer’s recommendations.

Wipe with sponge or cloth which has been moistened in warm, soapy water or disinfectant, and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.