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With channel, to prevent pressure on the heels

Available in New Zealand only.

Place on the bed so the patient’s heels are over the gap at the base of the upright foot-drop rest. Note the convoluted section of foam extends under the legs to beyond the knees to help prevent hyperextension of the knee. Before using, the two side struts should be held in position by the Velcro straps, or undone for storage. Right angle support is adjustable in angle.

When the patient is lying in the supine position, the feet should be resting on the foot-drop rest. As the sheets and bed clothes will be resting on top of the foot-drop rest, this will stop extra pressure on the feet to help prevent foot-drop and rotation of the feet.

When putting the Heel Support on the bed it can normally be resting against the bed’s foot board, or if used with a very short person, a pillow can be placed between the Heel Support and the foot board. Another method of securing the Heel Support is to tuck the top sheet underneath it or tie a ribbon from the two side loops to the bed frame.

As the lower legs and feet are slightly raised you may find this product helpful in preventing Oedema and even when patients are lying on their side the soft convoluted foam helps prevent heel pressure. If the patients are likely to soil the Heel Support we suggest a waterproof cover is placed over the convoluted leg section to prevent the foam from getting wet. This product can also be used to ‘shorten the bed’ for patients who may slide down the bed.

Code 7030-5360-000
Height 28 cm
Width 75 cm
Length 62 cm



The removable outer cover can be hand or machine washed up to 80°C.


Why use convoluted foam under the lower legs?



The convoluted foam is beneficial for pressure care and air circulation. As the patient moves their legs every now and then, the convolutions will be in different areas under the legs which is also beneficial.