loop+ Activity

Visibility, Knowledge, Control

loop+ is an activity tracker designed for wheelchair users which continuously records the body’s seated movement and position to understand the user’s activities and risks.

With loop+ at the end of every day the user can see how much time they have spent in their wheelchair, when they are most active and even what times of the day they shifted away from their ideal position.


The loop+ activity tracker pad is easy to install under the wheelchair cushion.

Follow these 3 easy steps and begin tracking the user’s daily seated activity!

  1. Download the loop+ app from the Apple Store*
  2. Connect the pad to your Wi-Fi network**
  3. Calibrate for your individual body and seating setup
Cushion Sits on Top Controller Attaches to Wheelchair Frame Easy Access Charging Accessories Kit
Wheelchair cushion is placed on top of the loop+ pad and secured with hook Velcro. Attached the supplied brackets to a convenient position on the wheelchair and slide the controller in place. Make charging easier by attaching the supplied magnetic charge extension cable to an accessible position on the wheelchair. All the accessories you need to easily install loop+ on the wheelchair are included: charge cable, brackets and extra Velcro.
*loop+ is currently only available on IOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
**Access to a Wi-Fi connection is required to access all features of the loop+ app.
loop+ in Action
Everyday Visibility at School with loop+

Specifications loop+
Compatibility iPhone and iPad iOS 13+
Battery Life 36 hours
Hygiene The sensor pad can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Connectivity Connect via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and 2.4ghz Wi-Fi required.

Water resistant & weatherproof. Do not submerge in liquid.


To select the most appropriate size pad, measure

the width of the sling under the user’s cushion

between the frame of their wheelchair. The loop+

pad should not rest on the frame of the wheelchair.

If in doubt choose a smaller size loop+ pad.

Imperial Metric*
10″ x 10″ 25.5 cm
13″ x 13″ 33 cm
15″ x 15″ 38 cm
17″ x 17″ 43 cm
*Approx. conversion