DEZZIV Wheelchair
Brake TOP

Brake & Go Climbing Helper

DEZZIV Wheelchair Brake TOP is an active wheelchair brake to provide the user independent mobility when pausing between movement, climbing upwards on slopes, or stairs.

Made from stainless materials – Aluminum and Inox, the DEZZIV Wheelchair Brake TOP is completely weather resistant.

The DEZZIV brake replaces the standard wheelchair brakes and performs all functions.

The brake pad is made of Neoprene material, which is reinforced with glass fiber. All moving elements of the brakes are mounted with polyethylene sleeves, and thus it is ensured long brake life and easy operation.

Comes standard with with the brake lining, which can be replaced.


Model Top
Dimensions 130 x 120 x 90mm
Weight 580g
Thickness of Arms 6mm
Material Aluminium + INOX
Bearing the Lever Polyethylene Bushings
Length of Switch Lever 75mm
Diameter of Brake Wheel 49mm
Width of Brake Wheel 19mm
Brake Lining Neoprene with Glass Fibre
Interchangable Brake Lining Yes