Secure-Fix Sleep Belt

For a safe night’s sleep

The Secure-Fix Sleep Belt provides a comfortable/breathable trunk wrap and a magnet release catch. Integrated side-positioning straps help secure the trunk and strong attaching straps secure the belt onto the bed.

Based on a safety concept of treating patients whilst on bed rest, the Secure-Fix, as well as offer a high degree of restriction, can offer ‘maximum freedom to move with the least restriction necessary’ by adjustment of the side-positioning straps.


  • Helps to prevent suffocation
  • Helps to prevent cot/bed accidents
  • Helps to prevent slipping down under the covers
  • Helps to prevent clients getting out of bed.
  • Washable in hot cycles up to 95°

Fits Children and Adults

Size Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
#7002 6801 025
#7002 6802 025 #7002 6803 025 #7002 6804 025 #7002 6805 025
Suitable For Children in paediatric bed Children/Slim adults in single bed Adults Large Adults Oversize adults
Waist Circumference 52-82cm 52-82cm 80-120cm 116-156cm 140-180cm