The ultra-compact (520 mm width) powerchair that’s packed with BIG powerchair performance.

The narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive powerchair. Go where others can’t with the Q300 M Mini – the narrowest (520 mm) TRUE mid-wheel drive powerchair with a turning circle of just 1120 mm. This chair will take you places that other chairs just can’t fit! Narrow doorways? No problem! Tight fit in the cafe or elevator? No issues! This 52cm base will sneak right in. And if you need it to perform outside too, we’ve taken it to the next level with BIG powerchair features to get you further than ever before.

Building on its predecessor, the Salsa M2 Mini, outdoor performance has been taken to the next level with BIG powerchair features to get you further than ever before.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with patented all-wheel suspension that independently cushions every wheel. Power through tricky terrain with strong 2-pole motors and enjoy an energy-efficient range of up to 30km with 34AH batteries.

Plus with a multi-adjustable seating system and a whole-host of styling options, the original ultra-compact powerchair is back and better than ever! Be the first to experience it and book a demonstration now.

What is TRUE mid-wheel drive technology?

It‘s when the powerchair‘s drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned more towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (and there‘s more of the powerchair swinging around). There‘s also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. Whereas the Q300 M Mini provides the most-compact turning circle and increased traction and stability thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel drive design.




Drive Configuration Mid-Wheel Drive
Overall Base Width 52cm 20.5″
Overall Base Length
(not including footrests)
86cm 33.8″
Turning Circle
Turning radius (QMFM) vs diameter (QUP)
55cm 21.6″
Ground Clearance 6.5cm 2.5″
Seat to Floor Heights 43 – 49cm 16.9 – 19.2″
Max Speed 10kph
Range 30km
Drive Wheel Size 31.7cm 12.5″
Castor Wheel Size 17.7cm 7″
Seat Frame Options Sedeo Lite
Third Party Seating Yes
Seating Sizes 40.6 – 50.8cm (W)
40.6 – 55.8 (D)
16″ – 20″ (W)
16″ – 22″ (D)
Lift 30cm 11.8″
Tilt 30°
Power Recline Nil
Power Leg Elevate Nil
Manual Recline 86° – 106°
Electronics VR2
Specialty Controls No
Suspension Drive Wheels, Basic
Motors 2 Pole
Battery Size 34Ah
Chair Weight 130kg
Max. User Weight 136kg
Transit Tested Yes

Sedeo Lite

The Q300M as supplied by Medifab, includes the Sedeo Lite Seating System. This is a multi-adjustable seat frame with the option of either Spex seating, Jay seating, or a simple sling back upholstery. Sedeo Lite is designed for users with medium to low clinical needs that require an adjustable seating system, where the backrest, armrests and legrests are able to be adjusted to fit the user. The seat frame includes seat rails for additional mounting solutions.

Power-up your
      Q300 M Mini
   with powered options

Tilt in Space

Adjust your seat positioning throughout the day for pressure relief with 30 degrees of powered tilt.

Lift & Tilt

Providing safer transfers, the 300 mm seat lift also helps you to reach everyday objects that would otherwise be out of grasp. Bringing you eye-level with the world around you, combine lift with 30 degrees of tilt for pressure relief on a whole new level!

Powered Recline Back

Independently adjust your seat-to-back angle throughout the day to help relieve pressure and redistribute your weight.

Powered Elevating Legrests

Raise your legs whenever you need to in order to reduce swelling.