Product Warranty

Medifab Limited (Medifab) warrants that for the warranty period specified below this product will be of acceptable quality, and free from defects in materials and manufacturing.

Warranty Period

The period during which this warranty is in effect will be one year from the date the product was first purchased from Medifab. This period may include the time the product was being trialled.

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranties that extend beyond a year as stated in the Instructions for Use or User Manual will be honoured.

To obtain the benefit of this warranty you must make a claim within the warranty period. This warranty does not cover any defects notified to Medifab after the one-year warranty period, although you may still have statutory rights outside of that period.

Where a defective product has been replaced under a warranty claim, the replacement product will be subject to the remainder of the original warranty period. You may have statutory rights in respect of replacement products outside this period.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not extend to damage or loss caused by normal wear and tear, fire, excessive heat, water, moisture, dampness, theft, vermin, or insect infestation.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by any of the following:

  • any failure by any person to follow Medifab’s instructions on the use or operation of the product (including those contained in the product manual or instructions provided with the product)
  • improper fitting of the product, other than by Medifab
  • improper fitting of the product by any person resulting from any negligent or improper instructions given by a therapist or other health professional
  • any failure by any person to maintain the products in the manner recommended by Medifab
  • physical damage caused to the products following purchase, other than by Medifab
  • the addition of third-party components or parts to the products, other than as recommended or authorised in writing by Medifab
  • repair, modification or other work carried out on the product by any person other than Medifab or an authorised Medifab repairer.
  • A six-month warranty period applies to Power batteries

Any modification of the products or attempt by any person to repair any products, without the prior written authorisation of Medifab, will invalidate this warranty, although your statutory rights will remain unaffected.

Warranty Claims

If you consider that the product is defective, you may make a claim under this warranty.

To make a warranty claim, please complete the below webform.

Medifab Limited has a generous disposition towards warranty claims.

When you make a warranty claim Medifab may ask for further information about the product and the nature of the alleged defect, and Medifab may also ask for proof of purchase of the product.

In order for your warranty claim to be processed, you will need to return the product to Medifab. Medifab will notify you on how to return the product when you make a warranty claim.

Minor defects

If, following receipt of a claim under this warranty, Medifab determines that:

  • your warranty claim is valid
  • the warranty failure is minor, and
  • the product can be repaired within a reasonable time, then Medifab will take one of the following steps, at its option:
  • repair the product
  • replace the product, or
  • provide a refund for the price of the product.

Serious defects

If, following receipt of a claim under this warranty, Medifab determines that:

  • your warranty claim is valid, and
  • the product has a serious defect,

then you will be given the option of:

  • rejecting the product and receiving a refund
  • rejecting the product and receiving a replacement product of the same type and similar value, if reasonably available, or
  • keeping the product and receiving compensation for the reduction in the value of the product caused by the failure.
Invalid Claims

If following receipt of a claim under this warranty, it is determined that your warranty claim is invalid, Medifab may charge you for any labour, parts or transport costs incurred by Medifab or its agents in assessing your claim.

Any resolution of a claim under this warranty will not in any way detract from any statutory rights that you may have in the circumstances.

Making a Warranty Claim

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